About me
My name is ana realmuto. I am an independent graphic designer and art director based in brooklyn, ny. I build systems across print and digital design, brand identity, packaging, and web design.
Catskill Art Space annual printed catalog
Styleframe for Tia Health
LCS Wildposting sample
Tia Social posts
Catskill Art Space concept art
Three mobile screens showing various LCS branded assets
Tia ethos
Phillips printed ephemera in box with packing peanuts
Catskill Art Space business cards
LCS broadcast sample
Tia layflat featuring three printed assets
Catskill Art Space annual printed catalog
Orfe secondary logo
Orfe packaging
Catskill Art Space posters
Casper campaign still featuring an aerial view of a grid of beds with people sleeping
Phillips hero artwork
Tia styleframe
1740 Broadway wildpostings
Catskill Art Space social grid
previously at athletics. Previously at Stink Studios and Smakk Studios.
Select Clients
Riot Games, Google chromebook, okta, Tia Health, IBM Consulting, Phillips, casper, Catskill ARt Space, and everytown for gun saftey
I like to collect on are.na, scroll on instagram, and I guess i also have linkedin. email me if you’d like to connect.
Some of my work has shown up on the internet here, here, and here.